Healthcare Reform Special Report Although Congress passed health care reform in 2010, many of its most sweeping provisions have delayed effective dates—2014 is a critical year for individuals and businesses. The enclosed timeline highlights the key tax provisions that take effect from 2013-18.

Newly Updated Timeline of Health Care Reform Provisions

Although Congress passed health care reform in 2010, many of its most sweeping provisions have delayed effective dates—2014 is a critical year for individuals and businesses. The timeline in this newly updated Special Report highlights the key tax provisions that take effect from 2013-18.

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PPC’s Guide to Health Care Reform

PPC’s Guide to Health Care Reform provides a single source of practical easy-to-understand guidance on the key provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. Additionally, since Congress left much of the implementation to government agencies, it provides ongoing coverage of IRS, DOL, and HHS pronouncements to help you stay abreast of developments and expanded reporting requirements as they unfold.
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EBIA Health Care Reform for Employers and Advisors

This manual is designed to help employers, insurers, and advisors comply with an array of new requirements. It includes rules and limitations relating to grandfathered health plans; additional plan mandates (including rules for dependent coverage, limits, caps, PCEs, appeals and external review, and new notices); tax incentives and penalties; Exchanges and qualified health plans. Implementation guidance and timelines included.
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Understanding Health Care Reform – How the New Laws Impact Employers and Individual Taxpayers

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The biggest social reform since the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid, Health Care Reform also brings a unique opportunity for practitioners. Accountants are uniquely positioned to advise clients on the impact of Health Care reform and how to avoid associated taxes and penalties. This course will provide practitioners with the tools and strategies you need to effectively advise your clients in light of these reforms.


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Affordable Care Act: Employer and Individual Mandates

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Healthcare Reform: What’s Changing?

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