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Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 Extends Many Tax Breaks through 2014 and Provides for New Tax-Favored “ABLE” Accounts for Disabled Individuals

The year-end tax package H.R. 5771—signed into law by the President on December 19—includes the “Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014” (TIPA), which extends a host of expired or expiring individual, business, and energy provisions. These “extenders” are a varied assortment of more than 50 individual and business tax deductions, tax credits, and other tax-saving laws which have been on the books for years but which technically are temporary because they have a specific end date. The new legislation generally extends these tax breaks, most of which expired at the end of 2013, for one year through 2014. In addition, the legislation provides for a new type of tax-advantaged savings program to help in meeting the financial needs of disabled individuals, the “Achieving a Better Life Experience” (ABLE) program.

This complimentary Special Report provides a thorough briefing on the extender provisions broken down by type, valuable information on the new “ABLE” accounts, and coverage of other tax changes made by the new legislation. It is a valuable resource for tax professionals in describing what tax breaks are available to their businesses and clients for 2014, and also provides a list of provisions that practitioners will want to track throughout the coming year to see if they are extended beyond 2014.

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