Acquisition History

In July of 2011, Thomson Reuters acquired Manatron. Prior to the acquisition, Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting was focused solely on private sector software solutions. The Manatron acquisition enabled Thomson Reuters to enter the government software industry.

Manatron became part of Tax & Accounting division and is now known as Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting, Government.

A brief history lesson

Manatron was originally organized in 1969 as a partnership and was incorporated in Michigan in 1972. Manatron initially provided in-house data processing services for local governmental units in Michigan. Subsequently, Manatron expanded its business into Indiana in 1972, into Illinois in 1975, and into Missouri in 1981. In 1982, the company’s business was extended further to include advanced microcomputer-based systems for governments. These turnkey data processing systems used both general-purpose computer hardware produced by leading manufacturers and proprietary software developed or purchased by Manatron.

Since 1990, Manatron has acquired several application software companies to expand its product line for supporting county and city government processing. These applications include real property appraisal, tax billing, collection and distribution, as well as vehicle registration, fund accounting, payroll, and utility billing. These are listed below:

  • 1994: Sabre (Appraisal Services)
  • 1999: ProVal Corporation
  • 2000: CPS Systems, Inc.
  • 2004: Visicraft (Georgia Tax)
  • 2005: Plexis Group (CAMA/GIS)
  • 2006: ASIX (National Tax)
  • 2007: Sigma (National CAMA)
  • 2007: Hart InterCivic Recorder BU
  • 2008: InfiniTec (Kansas Tax)
  • 2008: NexTech (Kansas Tax)
  • 2008: DoxTek (Indiana Personal Property)
  • 2008: Software Techniques
  • 2010: Beyond Appraisal (MARS CAMA)
  • 2011: International Land Systems (ILS)
  • 2012: TerraScan, Inc.
  • 2013: Munitec

These acquisitions have resulted in a number of brands added to the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting, Government portfolio that do not sit under the Aumentum flagship umbrella. Some of these still exist in many markets across the United States, some have been re-branded and others have been retired.

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