Aumentum Cadastre

Streamline Cadastral Data Management

For governments around the globe, cadastral survey information has long been one of the chief building blocks for effective land administration and infrastructure planning. Cadastral maps are critical not only for assessing boundaries and physical characteristics of real property for ownership, but also for disaster mitigation and planning.

Sophisticated Tools

An enterprise information management system with embedded Esri® GIS technology, Aumentum Cadastre integrates a suite of survey and cadastral management tools that enable you to collect and manage property data, and make that data accessible to the public.

Improved Efficiency

Transforming and streamlining existing cadastral management processes brings efficiencies. Workflows provide back office logic to support business processes – shortening processing times and reducing operational costs.

Process Information

Aumentum Cadastre equips land information management professionals with high productivity tools designed specifically to maintain large parcel datasets and improve parcel data quality and accuracy over time.

Track Parcel Records

Aumentum Cadastre automates cadastral business processes ensuring parcel data is shared across product and departmental boundaries. This eliminates data duplication and the possibility of the incorrect description of a property record as it is tracked through the land administration process.

Product Features

Make better decisions

Gain power through information

Aumentum Cadastre allows for administrative management of users, permissions, settings, toolbars, dictionaries and reports reducing data capture redundancies. Staff inefficiencies and productivity can be tracked through executive dashboards allowing managers to make better, real-time decisions.

Securely enter, store and share data

Accurately index and geo-reference records

Aumentum Cadastre delivers a suite of document management and indexing tools for editing, storing, and geo-referencing legal property information with its associated parcel record, linking this with ownership and land rights information in Aumentum Registry.

Manage parcel data

Utilize geo editing tools

Aumentum Cadastre helps you create and manage parcel data and relevant legal property information using extensive geographic editing functions including COGO (coordinate geometry) and conflation tools. This allows you to improve map quality and property information accuracy over time. Aumentum Cadastre supports the integration of external data sources including CAD files, GPS data, CSV files, shape files, documents and images allowing you to build a rich spatial database.

Streamline business through automation

Shorten turnaround times and reduce operational costs

When coupled with other Aumentum products such as Valuation and Tax, Cadastre provides a complete solution for land & property information management—providing a framework for a multipurpose cadastre to track ownership, planning, taxation and collection.

Works the way you do

Build your own processes and workflows

Aumentum Cadastre enables system administrators to determine which stage should be completed next and by whom, providing structure and guidance to the often complex business processes faced by survey offices. Workflow tasks are presented as an intuitive sequence of business activities to be completed client-side. Workflow configuration is simplified through a “drag and drop” visual designer.

Good governance

Sharing content increases transparency

Robust data security features include full audit trails for land and property transactions, helping to prevent potential illegal tampering and reducing the chance for system corruption. Parcel information can be shared with the public and government agencies over the Internet improving transparency.



Provides configurable workflow driven functions for creating and editing spatial property information such as advanced COGO (coordinate geometry) data entry, survey geo-referencing, cadastral fabric conflation and adjustment to help you capture, integrate and present cadastral and relevant spatial data. Aumentum Editor also supports ESRI® ArcGIS Online services that provide access to a variety of GIS data including Microsoft Virtual Earth high resolution aerial imagery.


Provides advanced display and spatial query and analysis tools to access enterprise cadastral database managed by Aumentum’s Server.


Provides centralized enterprise-level spatial data management and multi-user data query and editing capability. Data management functions include job and version control, centralized workflows and process management, configurable parcel numbering, spatial data access services.

GIS Viewer

Provides map query and display of parcel fabric and other GIS data as well as access to attached electronic documents in a web browser.

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