Aumentum OpenTitle

Easy to Use Software for Documenting Land Rights

When it comes to ensuring citizens’ land rights, even the smallest regions have big issues to consider. Aumentum OpenTitle gives growing communities the tools to protect their prime asset—their land. OpenTitle helps rural communities in developing countries boost economic development with a land tenure solution that can handle growth.

Simple, Affordable Land Rights

An easy-to-use, affordable solution, Aumentum OpenTitle requires minimal training and investment. We also provide training and advisory services to help you get the most from the product.

Securing Land Tenure through Automation

OpenTitle lets field practitioners conduct a rapid inventory of de-facto land rights and issue documentary evidence attesting to those rights. It offers robust document storage and includes version control to track and audit changes to land records over time.

Spatially Enabled Land Rights

Using basic geographic information systems and mapping tools, OpenTitle allows you to digitize new features on an aerial or satellite image background and link spatial information as displayed on maps to documentary evidence on the owner/occupier and their rights.

Helping Governments Secure Land Tenure

Our goal is to help government customers and partners, such as non-government agencies, use intuitive technology to document and map peoples’ land rights. Many communities either lack the technical skills to implement a program or do not have large budgets to design custom software systems and we are committed to solving this global challenge.

Product Features

Securely Enter, Store and Map Data

Use the tools that work for you

OpenTitle makes digitizing land records easy by making information capture simpler. Information includes cadastral surveys, maps, scanned documents or images, aerial imagery, photos, videos, and GPS boundary readings. You can also geo-reference and input coordinate information so that property information is correctly mapped.

Manage and Enhance Images

Editing improves quality of final output

With a full suite of editing functions, the quality of images and documents are greatly improved with tools that include adjustment of brightness, contrast and tone, plus “despeckle” or “deskew” and standard rotation features.

Parcel Management

Land mapping increases accuracy

OpenTitle includes multi-user spatial editing and version management as well as the ability to manage unique parcel identifier schemes. The software supports multiple spatial file formats as background data (e.g. CAD, Imagery, KML) and even allows for datum/projection transformations to ensure the spatial coincidence of your data. Parcel lineage and mutation tools support parcel histories.

Make Better Decisions

Analyze activity reports

The reports page offers many tools to generate, view and print reports. Increase the efficiency of your organization by analyzing reports on staff productivity and time spent on processing and collecting information.

System Administration

Define access rights and permissions

Administration allows your system administrator to create and manage users, permissions, settings, dictionaries and reports. Using this feature, the system administrator can determine who can access OpenTitle and what information they may access.

Customer Insights
It’s about getting comfortable in using computers and removing a mental block. They may think ‘This is for the younger generation, not for me. Philomena Bloh Sayeh, Director, Center for National Documents and Records/Archives (CNDRA), Liberia

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