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The Online Version of Your Office

The best way to foster trust between citizens and government agencies is through transparency and access to information. Our system lets you to do that while driving up efficiency and keeping costs low.

Empower Your Citizens

Let the public securely access and download updated land and property information, and you’ll inspire trust among constituents, while improving customer service, reducing public inquiries and redirecting staff attention to more productive tasks.

You Are In Control

Through this secure and reliable system, you can build a customized website that offers public access to as much information as you choose—from property data to vital and tax records to valuation information—plus offer the ability to pay taxes online, all at a fraction of the cost most jurisdictions can achieve.

Increase Self-Service

We are committed to enhancing the self-serve functionality of your web site. You’ll be able to offer a host of additional components as they become available, including filing of property sale documents, emailing of property tax bills, online exemption applications, online tax sales and many more. Our upgrade assurance means you won’t have to pay up every time technology improves.

Design for Who You Are

Aumentum Public Access offers unique content management tools that allow you to maintain control over the look and feel of your site while maintain seamless integration with your back-office systems. Choose the colors, fonts, terminology and content that best blend with your jurisdiction’s main web site to maintain a consistent brand.

Product Features

Works the Way You Want

Build your own look and manage content

Unique content management tools through the DotNetNuke platform, give you control over the look, feel and content of your website. You decide how much of your public and records information you wish to place on the Internet. And to ensure a consistent visual experience for your constituents,Aumentum Public Access is customized to blend seamlessly with your jurisdiction’s main website.

Data Security

Protect vital and private information

Aumentum customers have peace of mind knowing that Thomson Reuters utilizes the latest technology and hosts your website at a Tier 1 hosting facility. You can be certain your real-time data is secure. And to prevent hackers from getting to your website, we continuously monitor it for malicious activity. While your back office database and systems are protected by your jurisdiction’s infrastructure (firewall).

Backed by Customer Support

Thomson Reuters takes care of your visitors

Websites are viewed by the public as an extension of their elected officials. Users will see a reliable, high-availability (no down-time) site which will positively reflect on you and your office. And beyond continuous monitoring and support of all managed Websites to ensure that the public has real time, 24-7 access to information, Aumentum Public Access provides an on-site, instant customer service hotline as well as email staffed by Thomson Reuters professionals ready to assist callers and provide fast and accurate solution-centric response to any inquiries.

Reduction of Office Traffic

Increases Staff Productivity

By allowing the public to self-serve their informational needs, existing staff has fewer routine tasks to perform and can focus on providing a higher quality of service. And by having current data available online, fewer professionals will need to visit your office. As a result, jurisdictions using the system have experienced a reduction in office traffic for routine data gathering tasks of 30 percent or more.

Make Better Decisions

Site activity reports analytics

Tracking Reports are provided so you can analyze site traffic and trends. This allows you to make important customer-service and budget-saving decisions.


Property Information

The property information module provides fast and easy searches of Records data – parcels, owners – as well as CAMA, Personal Property and Tax Data. It also, if available, provides images such as photos and sketches and integration with GIS.

Online Payment

The online payment module provides both the jurisdiction and the public with a highly secure “shopping cart” experience. To ensure prompt deposits, jurisdictions maintain all banking relationships and choose a payment processor of payment sources which include credit cards and e-checks. In addition, collection floats are never held by Thomson Reuters. Aumentum Public Access Reach-In Technology provides confidence that only correct amounts are being paid via the Website.

Basic Services

Basic service delivers fast and easy searches of Records data-parcels, owners-as well as CAMA, Personal Property and Tax Data. It also provides images such as photos and sketches and integration with GIS.

Payment Services

Provides both your jurisdiction and the public with a highly secure “Collection Cart” experience. Reach-In Technology provides confidence that only correct amounts are displayed and paid. To ensure prompt deposits, jurisdictions maintain all banking relationships and choose a payment processor of payment sources including credit and debit cards as well as e-checks. And collection floats are never held back.

Public Access

With secure eCommerce functionality, Aumentum allows the public to access and purchase copies of records over the Internet. The system includes extensive search, view, and print functionality for both anonymous and authenticated users as well as the capability to enable on-line forms, including marriage applications and assumed names. It can be configured as a free service, subscription-based, or a hybrid between the two, providing your office with additional revenue streams, while provides constituents convenient access to records and simultaneously reducing foot traffic into your office.

Gwinnett County Provide Real-Time Services to Constituents

Increasing service levels, interaction with constituents and staff productivity

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Customer Insights
Aumentum Public Access allows our constituents to have easy access to all their records on our website any time they want. Anne Gannon Tax Collector, Florida, United States