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Government Records Management Has Never Been Easier

Our comprehensive and integrated records management solution is developed by recording professionals to help governments meet the challenge of having to do more with less with document management. Aumentum Recorder is software that helps increase productivity and accuracy, improve customer service, and decrease cost.

All You Need for Government Records Management

Aumentum Recorder provides the complete range of recording capabilities, including real estate, vitals and marriage, automated indexing and redaction, full text OCR searching on images and e-recording from any trusted submitter. Plus, flexible workflow and user customization features mean you can use the system the way you want to.

Enhance Public Services through our Document Management Software

With fast access to information and the availability of public access to records through the Internet, you will serve customers better without adding staff. Self-serve takes another step forward with full eCommerce integration, including a shopping cart for credit card purchases as well as saved searches and account management.

Improve Data Collection with our Government Records Management Software

Unlike other standalone systems, our integrated records management suite means you collect data once and it’s automatically populated into other integrated systems, including billing and collection, property valuation, and public access. You’ll see higher productivity rates and fewer redundant entries and duplication errors.

Vital Records Software that is Ready When You Are

Aumentum has been designed to address the challenges you face every day. Adapt quickly to legislative changes, keep you insulated from technology infrastructure updates, and integrate and share data with other government offices. These all provide your staff with crucial time-saving capabilities and peace of mind.

Customer Insights
Thomson Reuters is a global company. That definitely sets them apart from all others in the records management industry. Diane Wilson Clerk (Retired), Fort Bend County, Texas, United States

Product Features

Works the Way You Want

Build your own processes and workflows

The workflow management system allows easy and flexible end-user configuration. Your administrative users can drag and drop individual workflow components to optimize the records management process. Since the changes do not require programming, the modifications are instantly available in real time.

Collect and record revenue efficiently

Increase productivity and accuracy

With full cashiering, Aumentum Recorder includes a robust and integrated cashiering system with cash drawer support, Point-of-Sale credit card processing, refund and non-sufficient fund check tracking, auto-fee calculation and ledger disbursement. Other features include support for slip printers and fully-audited receipt adjustment capabilities.

Make Better Decisions

Gain power through information

Aumentum Recorder allows for administrative management of users, permissions, settings, toolbars, dictionaries and reports reducing data capture redundancies. Staff inefficiencies and productivity can be tracked through executive dashboards allowing managers to make better, real-time decisions.

Good Governance

Sharing content increases transparency

Aumentum’s Web Access increases staff productivity by reducing office foot traffic and providing instant access to county records over the internet. The system includes extensive search, view, and print functionality for both anonymous and authenticated users.

Stewardship of Records

Enhance data accuracy and eliminate errors

Through a single-database, system-wide integration, Aumentum allows taxpayer data to be collected once, and automatically populated into other integrated systems including: billing & collection, records management and eGovernment. This increases productivity and accuracy, while eliminating redundant entries and duplication errors.

Securely Enter, Store and Share Data

Enhance public trust in your office

Security in Aumentum Recorder goes beyond the expected with overlapping layers of security. Interleaved between these layers are auditing layers for user, workstation, and document tracking. This creates a tightly secured system that helps guard document integrity and confidentiality, as well as public trust.

Faster Turn-Around Times

Allows your staff to multitask

Aumentum takes advantage of Microsoft’s latest technology to increase user productivity running multiple processes at the same time. Your staff has the ability to quickly switch among all open windows to perform multiple tasks such as running different reports concurrently, interrupt indexing to assist a phone customer with a search, or viewing multiple document images at one time.


Real Estate

Aumentum Recorder allows your staff to efficiently manage real estate documents such as deeds, deeds of trust, mortgages, liens, releases, abstracts of judgments, and notices. Within this document group, staff can easily scan and record documents, while conducting quality control and image enhancement operations to ensure excellent images.

Vitals and Marriage

Receive, scan, index, import, and image birth, death and marriage records enhancing your office’s ability to produce copies, flag records for fraudulent activity, and expunge records as required. Create certified copies of birth and death certificates. Aumentum Recorder automatically produces all forms required to complete marriage applications and licenses. Online Marriage is also included, enabling customers to complete and submit preliminary forms online prior to visiting your office for completion.

Automated Indexing and Redaction

With Aumentum Recorder automatically search for and capture specified fields in a scanned document required for indexing or redacting to help reduce keystrokes and increase productivity. This feature dramatically increases the productivity and accuracy of your staff, while significantly helping to reduce workload backlog in the indexing and redaction process.


Maximize the benefits of electronic recording allowing documents submitted according to Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) standards, by any trusted submitter, to be electronically received, recorded and confirmed through a two-way interface. Title companies, escrow companies, attorneys, banking institutions, government agencies and other entities can be granted access as submitters allowing them to create, sign, and transmit a single document or a batch of documents to the recording office. This automated exchange streamlines document submission and indexing, improves turn-around time, and reduces costs for the county as well as the submitter.

Public Access

With secure eCommerce functionality, Aumentum Recorder allows the public to access and purchase copies of records over the Internet. The system includes extensive search, view, and print functionality for both anonymous and authenticated users as well as the capability to enable on-line forms, including marriage applications and assumed names. It can be configured as a free service, subscription-based, or a hybrid between the two, providing your office with additional revenue streams, while provides constituents convenient access to records and simultaneously reducing foot traffic into your office.

Hosting and Disaster Recovery

From remote data vaulting to enterprise hosted application solutions, Aumentum can provide IT Infrastructure and Managed Services for government offices throughout the United States. Our Tier 4 rated data center insures 100% infrastructure uptime and a secure environment to safeguard mission critical data.

Backfile Conversion

Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive services to support the preservation of your records. These products and services include: Scanning conversion of hard copy media to digital images; rapid and highly accurate indexing and/or index verification; secure and cost effective storage of paper and digital images; accurate redaction of personal information from public documents.

Allegan County, MI Updates to New Technology

Flexibility of Aumentum Recorder allows County to focus on customer service in spite of decrease in staff

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