Aumentum Registry

A Land Information System that is Sustainable, Scalable and Secure

You have the legal framework and processes to address how land rights are recorded. But you still need a fully automated land administration solution to secure paper records, streamline registry processes and reduce organizational bottlenecks—all of which requires innovative tools and approaches. Our knowledgeable experts have worked alongside government officials and development assistance to develop land registry software specifically designed to reduce instances of one of the most common causes of political instability—land dispute conflicts.

Sophisticated Tools for Land Administration

Easy-to-use and configure, Aumentum Registry provides you the flexibility you need, through an automated land information system, to facilitate the registration of real estate and property based transactions. The modular functionality of the system allows you to seamlessly scale up as transaction volumes, staff capacity and budgets increase.

Land Registry Software that is Better for Everyone

A more controlled and transparent land registration process coupled with faster transaction turnaround times-means better informed and happier land owners, fewer disputes, lower costs and, ultimately, greater broad-based economic development through the establishment of land trading practices.

A Modernized Process through World-Class Land Administration Software

Aumentum Registry modernizes and manages the land registration process, transforming manual and paper-based methods into a digital process that results in secure distribution of data while also enhancing customer service.

Good Governance and Security

Our land Information system provides robust data security features including full audit trails for land and property transactions, helping to prevent potential illegal tampering and reducing the chance for system corruption. At the same time, the Web Access module and its built-in document management system make it easier for numerous users to access and share data simultaneously.

Customer Insights
It was expected to receive poor service in a government office. Just four years after implementation of our Land Registration solution, NLA won the Prime Minister’s Trophy for superior customer service. Elizabeth Stair, CEO, National Land Agency (NLA), Jamaica

Product Features

Make Better Decisions

Gain power through information

Reporting and query features increase organizational productivity by allowing offices to monitor transaction volumes, progress, and staff workload. Deployed with 70 pre-configured transaction templates, Aumentum’s Registry Workflow supports prescribed duration for transaction stages.

Securely Enter, Store and Share Data

Make manual and paper-based methods digital

Using the Web Access module and its built-in document management system, Aumentum Registry makes it easier for numerous users to access and share data simultaneously. The result is a more controlled land registration process, while at the same time achieving faster transaction turnaround times and increased throughput. The system also provides a central storage of reports, reporting templates and scheduling reporting tasks.

System Administration

Define access rights and permissions

As users interact with the data, the system logs and builds full audit trails, thereby increasing transparency and minimizing the opportunity to tamper with information. The use of digital certificates of title facilitates secure land transactions and reduces the risk of fraud.

Generate reports, forms and letters

In the format you need

A comprehensive stock of reports are pre-loaded, allowing managers and administrators to report on staff productivity, transaction throughput, and registry content. In addition, the Aumentum Registry application programming interface (API) supports third party reporting tools providing extensive custom reporting methods.

Streamline business through automation

Shorten turnaround times and reduce operational costs

Through a single-database, system-wide integration, Aumentum Registry allows land data to be collected once, and automatically populated into other integrated systems including: property valuation, billing & collection, Cadastre and eGovernment. This increases productivity and accuracy, while eliminating redundant entries and duplication errors.

Safeguard original documents

Enter land records into a modern framework

Through Aumentum’s secure storage, ensure redundancy of important records that could be damaged by fingerprints, floods, fires and other natural disasters.



Tasks such as land and property transactions are routed through a workflow. The Windows-based user interface features a transaction queue for easy identification of upcoming tasks, along with flexible built-in query, filter capabilities and wizards that guide users through workflows in a logical and intuitive manner.

Web Access

Permits read-only, secure access to Aumentum information. Both Intranet and Internet browser based versions enable government offices, notaries, banks as well as the general public to search, display and print land and property information.


A browser-based console used to configure Aumentum Registry, manage users and user groups, workflows and transactions.


An integrated point-of-sale cashiering module automates the collection of fees charged for registration. It can be configured to accept cash, credit cards, checks or payment through client accounts.

Extension for ArcGIS®

Provides seamless integration between Aumentum Registry and a government’s geographic information system (GIS). The Extension establishes a bi-directional link between property records maintained in Aumentum Registry and parcel information maintained in ArcGIS.


Displays a digital map, provides standard map navigation tools and spatial and attribute queries to quickly locate parcels associated with land rights. It also connects titles and other land related transactions with parcel information.

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