Aumentum Tax

Revenue Management Simplified with our Tax Collection Software

As governments across the globe face unprecedented demand to boost efficiency and maximize budgets, property taxes become an increasingly vital revenue source. We understand that to succeed, you need accurate, real-time information delivered by a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated property tax software solution. Our tax collection software stands above the rest providing you efficient and accurate tax revenue management.

Sophisticated Tools for Tax Revenue Management

Easy-to-use and configure, our browser-based Thomson Reuters Aumentum Tax system gives you a complete range of property tax software tools including levy management, billing, collection cashiering, and special assessments.

Tax Collection Software that Can Improve Customer Services

Aumentum Tax maintains unlimited tax years and also automates settlements, balances and roll-overs. And with immediate access to information and an intuitive user interface, your staff will be able to provide a higher level of taxpayer service.

Make Informed Tax Revenue Management Decisions

You need to make quick decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. Aumentum Tax has the analysis capabilities and forecasting tools so you can make informed decisions and long-range plans and positively impact your jurisdiction.

Property Tax Software That is Ready When You Are

Aumentum Tax has been designed to address the challenges you face every day. Adapt quickly to legislative changes, keep you insulated from technology infrastructure updates, and integrate and share data with other government offices. These all provide your staff with crucial time-saving capabilities and peace of mind.

Customer Insights

Thomson Reuters Aumentum is probably one of the most integral tools that I rely on. Without it I would not be able to do my job as efficiently or effectively serve our taxpayers.

Laurie Thomas, Treasurer, Kootenai County, Idaho, United States

Product Features

The Information You Need at Your Fingertips

Quickly access what you need when you need it

Information Center’s general query interface is the perfect tool for today’s “information worker.” It displays revenue objects, tax bills and data of legal parties. In addition to providing your office extensive information regarding property tax and tax billing data, it provides your staff the ability to search based on many different attributes including: situs and mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, PIN, owner and tax bill.

Streamline Business Through Automation

Shorten turnaround times and reduce costs

Through a single-database, system-wide integration, Aumentum Tax allows taxpayer data to be collected once, and automatically populated into other integrated systems including: property valuation, records management and eGovernment. This increases productivity and accuracy, while eliminating redundant entries and duplication errors.

Catch Every Event, Every Time

Quickly provide information & service to taxpayers

Through an unlimited event log and transaction history which chronicles every transaction and event associated with a specific property, Aumentum Tax provides your office the ability to provide fast, accurate and superior customer service. Search filters provide quick access to the needed information which includes notes with key words to augment clarity of records.

Collect and record revenue efficiently

Increase productivity and accuracy

High speed processing of batch remittance files from lenders, individuals and other institutions increases productivity and accuracy, as well as the interest accrued from faster reconciling and deposits of revenues. Reports can be pre-scheduled to run in an unattended setting—no longer tying up workstations—and to provide e-mail notification and delivery when files are complete.

Make Better Decisions

Empowering managers through information

Using Aumentum’s Management Console, your supervisors can review accurate and continually refreshed visual data of office and staff activities – via one central location. This includes collections in real-time by location, source, service, and tender details by session for a selected location or till. This allows supervisors to make immediate decisions such as leveling workloads between departments or offices.

Spatial Analysis Capabilities

Analyze trends for revenue improved forecasting

The use of Aumentum GeoAnalyst’s integration with Esri’s ArcGIS® Server increases the consistency of analytical data. All information can be overlaid on maps, allowing you to spot trends by geographic areas, such as delinquencies and foreclosures. Additionally, this tool can integrate with outside sources such as census data to create maps that may aid in making important decisions such as revenue forecasting.

Know Your History

Keep record of all transactions

Through Aumentum’s unlimited history, provide your office with a historical view of all transactional data, including a year-to-year comparison of collected revenue. This is critical for spotting various trends and the development of projections, future planning and providing robust customer service to constituents who need historical tax information.


Aumentum Records

Provides a single data entry source delivering time savings and increased data accuracy to your jurisdiction. It is the core component of every Aumentum installation. It provides a complete inventory of the parcels, filings, business revenue or motor vehicles along with a list of the legal parties who have an interest in the inventory.

Aumentum Assessment Administration

Designed to handle the most complex property assessment rules—it correctly maintains the property inventory and valuation data used to determine assessed values for the assessment roll. These functions include a calculation engine and triggering of automatic correction events.

Special Assessments

Creates, maintains and calculates amounts for special assessment districts and projects. Various methods are utilized to accommodate different requirements for the jurisdictions, including amortization of entire projects over many years.

Levy Management

Provides the calculation engine to compute payment terms, rate management, tax, charges and revenue forecasting from taxable values.

Billing Engine

Formats and produces property tax bills, business licenses, motor vehicle documents, assessment notices and other bills. This includes flexibility to sort and group bills, include messaging on the bills based on user-defined flags, plus user-directed mapping to determine how charges and descriptions will appear on the bills.


Provides user and batch processes to calculate appropriate interest, penalties and fees and to collect and record payments in real time; over the counter or through remote cashiering devices. Cashiering is fully integrated with other Aumentum modules, and can be configured to collect many different types of revenue.

Accounts Receivable

The repository for all charges, payments and credits. It calculates late payment interest, penalties and fees. It also provides methods of managing changes and correcting payments, as well as the ability to process surplus monies.


Calculates the tax revenue due to the taxing authorities for a given time period based on amounts levied and monies collected. This includes the ability to calculate withholding commissions from disbursements to agencies and producing disbursement records.


Determines what bills are delinquent, automatically calculates additional interest, penalties and fees and facilitates the creation of notices. Includes write-off functionality, payment plans and has a bankruptcy program that allows for creation of the filing.

Tax Sales

Facilitates all the activities leading up to and including the auction of liens or the auction of the property itself due to severe delinquency. Includes maintaining of buyer information and details, supports local or internet tax sales, redemption of properties and redemption payouts via ACH, along with e-mail notification to lienholders or certificate holders and full support of 1099 processing.

Business Revenue

A comprehensive, automated Business Tax solution fully integrated with the Aumentum suite. This includes Business Tax as well as Trust Tax or self-reporting taxes. It has a complete import and discovery/preview tool for accepting data from external sources. It also integrates with reporting services, and supports customization of standard system reports, filings, and extracts utilizing Aumentum-provided system templates.

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