Aumentum Valuation

CAMA Software for Fair and Accurate Appraisals

In order to encourage and sustain economic growth, local governments must establish an accurate and transparent basis for property taxation through fair and equitable valuations. Designed by CAMA professionals and supporting international best practices, Aumentum Valuation is appraiser software built on decades of knowledge and experience.

Sophisticated CAMA Tools

Easy-to-use and configure, our browser-based Aumentum Valuation system gives you a complete range of appraiser software tools using the latest advancements in GIS, sketching and workflow that can be delivered through multiple deployment options including SaaS, on-site and hosted.

Improve Customer Service with Our Tax Assessor Software

Aumentum was designed for intuitive visual-efficiency so your staff can easily and confidently navigate the application with immediate access to information and an intuitive user interface. This provides your staff the ability to provide a higher level of taxpayer service.

Appraiser Software that Works for You

Aumentum Valuation has robust functionality that gives you crucial point-in time appraisal capabilities and multiple methods of valuation within each of the main valuation approaches, while also providing much sought-after appraisal and spatial analysis capabilities.

CAMA Software That is Ready When You Are

Aumentum Valuation has been designed to address the challenges you face every day. Adapt quickly to legislative changes, keep you insulated from technology infrastructure updates, and integrate and share data with other government offices. These all provide your staff with crucial time-saving capabilities and peace of mind.

Customer Insights
The integration has led to greater levels of cooperation among all three county offices, which in turn has increased our ability to provide quality services to our constituents. Mike McDowell, Kootenai County Assessor

Product Features

Manage Your Data

Quickly access what you need when you need it

Your most vital asset in the valuation of property is accurate data characteristics which must be managed independently of valuation methods. That is why we developed a customizable configuration for versioned data within Aumentum Valuation. Its well-organized structure allows you and your staff to see what the property looked like at any point in time. To ensure accuracy, the data infrastructure supports the processing of property characteristic changes as well as changes to prior year’s data, current data and future assessment data.

Spatial Analysis Capabilities

Make better decisions

The use of Aumentum GeoAnalyst’s integration with Esri’s ArcGIS® Server increases the consistency of analytical data. All information can be overlaid on maps, allowing you to be informed via the data you maintain through spatial tools. This provides your staff the ability to assess the scale and magnitude of problems, so they can make informed decisions, swiftly and confidently.

Streamline business through automation

Shorten turnaround times and reduce costs

Through a single-database, system-wide integration, Aumentum allows taxpayer data to be collected once, and automatically populated into other integrated systems including: billing & collection, records management and eGovernment. This increases productivity and accuracy, while eliminating redundant entries and duplication errors.

Picture This

Measure from your desktop

Aumentum’s integration with Pictometry Online allows your staff to easily and quickly access oblique and orthogonal images to measure area, perimeter and height of any structure or property without ever having to leave the office. By providing an alternative to field visits to properties, these desktop- valuations offer significant cost savings. They can help you uncover substantial volume of new taxable properties and improvements which in the past might have been virtually impossible to see because of inaccessibility or obstructions.

Sketch Smarter, Not Harder

Increase productivity and accuracy

Aumentum’s Smart Sketch provides the perfect pairing of valuation and sketch technology. With the proven capabilities of APEX technology as its foundation, our sketch tool is exclusive and customized to include Aumentum Real Property-specific functionality in a browser environment.

Take the Office with You

Record properties in the field

Your staff can easily capture and update property characteristics from field locations using the same configurable business rules as those run in the office. Aumentum’s field data collection tools also provide all electronic copies of relevant documents, photos, sketches and maps available at desktop level.

Make Better Decisions

Gain power through information

Provide decision support for the building of valuation models as well as the statistical validation of prior years’ valuations. Regression analysis, neighborhood analysis, depreciation analysis and spatial analysis tools are included to ensure uniform and equitable values are applied across your entire jurisdiction. These tools are a mechanism for verification of the accuracy and equality of proposed valuations prior to placing the values on your assessment roll.


Aumentum Records

Provides a single data entry source delivering time savings and increased data accuracy to your jurisdiction. It is the core component of every Aumentum installation. It provides a complete inventory of the parcels, filings, business revenue or motor vehicles along with a list of the legal parties who have an interest in the inventory.

Aumentum Assessment Administration

Designed to handle the most complex property assessment rules—it correctly maintains the property inventory and valuation data used to determine assessed values for the assessment roll. These functions include a calculation engine and triggering of automatic correction events.

Real Property

Provides a configurable valuation engine that supports multiple methods of valuation for real property within each of the main valuation approaches. Each calculation engine is independently built and subscribes to the appropriate attributes from a standardized attribute set.

Personal Property

Value personal property through Aumentum’s complete import and discovery preview tool. Match, preview and then merge data from external sources. In addition, integration with reporting services provides customized standard system reports, filings and extracts using system-provided templates.

Case Management

Configurable workflows to meet your needs regardless of the size the jurisdiction or degree of complexity of your processes. Supports any number of appeal levels, each following different rule sets configured by you.

Transparent Equity

Cape Town, South Africa Sees Increase in Productivity & Real-Time Responses to Property Owners

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