Amy Walker

Amy Walker

I am a senior tax research analyst for ONESOURCE Property Tax at Thomson Reuters. I have been with the company for six years, focusing mainly on US personal property tax research and supporting and maintaining ONESOURCE Property Tax software. I earned BS degrees in English and history at Kentucky Christian University. I am happy to contribute to this blog by sharing legislative updates on property tax with our readers.

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Virginia Attorney General’s Advisory Opinion About Dual Taxation

Virginia’s Senator Richard H. Black requested an official advisory opinion from Attorney General Mark R. Herring regarding a county and town assessing business tangible personal property and if this is dual taxation. On July 16th the opinion written is that both town and county may concurrently assess tangible personal property taxes when the … Read More

Ask A Property Tax Expert

During a recent Property Tax webinar  the following questions were submitted by attendees. I have submitted responses below. We have noticed some States are starting to require electronic filing for personal property tax returns. Do you have a list of states that require this? We also see that trend, and each year as the ONESOURCE Property Tax … Read More