Byron Hamlett

Byron is an experienced manager in Grant Thornton’s M&A Tax Services practice serving public and private companies in the Southeast and throughout the United States. He is focused on working with his clients to provide solutions and deliver value added ideas. Byron has focused a significant portion of his career in the world of mergers and acquisitions assisting clients with tax due diligence, tax structuring, and transaction costs analysis. He also works closely with his clients to assist with financial reporting of income taxes. He has served as a tax specialist in the area of tax accounting for financial reporting through ASC 740 and implementation of accounting for uncertain tax positions.

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Things to Consider for Value and Protection of Net Operating Losses

Co-Authored by Byron Hamlett & Gregory Fairbanks Have you recently given careful consideration to the value and protection of Net Operating Losses? With the downturn in the economy in late 2008, many companies have been generating net operating losses (“NOL”s).  As the economy improves, companies are beginning to utilize NOLs.  However, such NOLs may not … Read More

Who says states are complicated?

State provisions are complex and raise plenty of challenges.  States have numerous issues and adjustments from the federal tax return.  For example, some decouple and revalue fixed assets for things such as bonus depreciation or Section 179 expense.  Some states have used a hybrid income base, such as Texas and Michigan.  More and more states … Read More