Carla Yrjanson

Carla Yrjanson

I look forward to using this blog as a place to comment on tax trends and topics as I see them with the hopes of getting your thoughts and feedback. A quick introduction of myself, I am the VP of Tax Research & Content for Indirect & Property Tax, part of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE. In my capacity I oversee a division of tax experts that research tax laws on a global basis and work with our customers to help them achieve compliance. In this role I have the opportunity to get direct feedback from customers and engage in a variety of professional forums. I hope to use these inputs to drive engaging conversation on tax trends and discuss challenges around achieving compliance – including understanding nexus, forming tax policy, tax rate research and of course the inevitable audits and more. I encourage you to sign up for RSS feeds to receive ongoing notifications of new postings.

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Thomson Reuters Releases 2014’s List of Quirky Sales Tax Laws

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