Meara Butler

Meara Butler

I am a Senior GIS Analyst for Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax. I have a MS in Geography and a Graduate Certificate in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). I’ve been in the GIS department at Thomson Reuters since January 2013, mapping sales and use tax jurisdiction areas nation-wide. Spatial location is a key aspect of determining the correct sales and use tax rate for any transaction. Therefore, maintaining accurate, precise, and up-to-date geographic data is an essential component of our product. In this blog I hope to highlight some of the more interesting and important geographic aspects of sales and use taxes as I come across them.

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Geography Awareness Week

Happy Day of GIS! It is the third Wednesday in November which is the day on which we celebrate Geographic Information Systems within the context of Geography Awareness Week. Geography influences everything from biology to politics, from weather to tax calculations. And Geographic Information Systems (GIS), gives us a way to collect, display, and analyze … Read More

Alaskan Boroughs

Did you know that there are not counties in Alaska? Instead, Alaska has 19 boroughs which are their county-equivalent government between the city and state level. Alaska is unique in the United States in that only a portion of the state is covered by boroughs, in every other state the county-equivalent entities cover … Read More

Two More Combined Tax Areas In Texas

Texas has added two new combined tax areas since April: Fate/Rockwall County Assistance District (effective April 1st 2016) Cleveland/East Montgomery County Improvement District (effective July 1st 2016) This brings the total number of combined tax areas in Texas up to 42. Combined tax areas are “unique areas where a portion of a city overlaps another … Read More