Paul Carpinella

Paul Carpinella

Paul Carpinella is a Marketing Manager for ONESOURCE Nonresident Alien Taxation and Tax Information Reporting. He has over five years of experience marketing 1042-S and W-8 products and services to the higher education and corporate marketplaces.

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Thomson Reuters Nonresident Alien Taxation Educational Webcasts Begin April 23

Withholding and reporting on payments to foreign employees, students, and scholars are not simple. In addition to the rules and procedures for special withholding and reporting, there are also immigration- and tax treaty-related rules and procedures to follow to ensure compliance. ONESOURCE Nonresident Alien Taxation from Thomson Reuters offers a series of educational webcasts to … Read More

April Webcasts For Trust Tax, AP, and Nonprofits

The end of tax season is a perfect opportunity to enhance your knowledge on FATCA updates, as well as the often confusing area of nonresident alien taxation. Webcast Details: FATCA Compliance Implementation Part 2 for U.S. Payers in Trust, Bank and Brokerage Date: Wednesday, April 17 Time: 2:00 PM ET | 1:00 PM CT | … Read More

Paula Singer Releases Four Whitepapers on Nonresident Alien Taxation

Nonresident alien taxation, which encompasses the special payroll withholding and reporting rules for nonresident alien employees and the withholding of tax on U.S.-source income paid to nonresident aliens and foreign entities (traditionally referred to as NRA withholding) has become a critical issue for organizations that pay foreign individuals and entities.¬†Upcoming implementation of FATCA rules and … Read More