Chris Nelson builds collaboration in Whitman County, Washington

As the IT director for Whitman County in Washington state, Chris Nelson is a rare hybrid. Not only is she an expert T2 user, Nelson is equally adept at interacting with the treasurers and assessors in Whitman and surrounding Washington state counties—thanks to diligently mapping their workflows, learning their lingo and understanding their pain points. … Read More

2018 New Year’s Evolutions

In every aspect of our lives, technology is changing the status quo — and the tax and accounting profession is no exception. Technology is helping firms simplify work, improve communication and save time and money. Yet it’s also challenging business as usual, requiring firms to reassess long-standing staff roles, processes and revenue streams. We asked … Read More

Global Interests: Serving immigrant entrepreneurs is at the core of success for Community CPA

[Image ©Kathryn Gamble] When people in Iowa ask Ying Sa where she’s from, they’re surprised to hear her say, “Canada.” Then again, Sa likes to be unexpected. Although she was born in China, she came to the U.S. after getting her degree in accounting from Toronto’s York University. “When I graduated, I made up my … Read More