Tyler Nelson

Tyler Nelson received his Bachelor's of Arts degree in Accounting from Portland State University in 2007. He then worked for a large local accounting firm for two years completing audits and tax returns for not-for-profit organizations, closely-held corporations, and individuals. He started working for Sabrix in 2009 as a Tax Analyst researching, implementing, reviewing, and testing transaction rates for the content of their tax software. Sabrix has since been acquired by Thomson Reuters, and Tyler has since moved into a Senior Tax Analyst role.

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September 2013 Sales & Use Tax Rate Changes

Back to school and more tax rate changes; among the changes for September 1, 2013 were: Rate Changes Alabama: Arab 5.0%; Arab Police Jurisdiction 2.5%; Marion 3.0%; Marion Police Jurisdiction 1.5%; Pelham 4.0% (for general, agricultural, and manufacturing sales and use taxes). Ohio: Ohio state 5.75%. New Authorities Indiana: Cloverdale 1.0% (prepared food and beverages). … Read More


Ask The Expert: Rules & Requirements of Voluntary Disclosures

Question: What are Colorado’s rules/requirements related to voluntary disclosure of a sales tax reporting problem? Answer from Nicole Huberty of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax: States typically outline the details of voluntary disclosure programs on their Department of Revenue websites, and Colorado is no exception. Here is the link to the Colorado website: http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/Revenue/REVX/1224672682801. … Read More

Clark County, Nevada Sheriff Pushing “More Cops” Sales Tax Increase

In Nevada, Clark County’s Sheriff Doug Gillespie is lobbying the seven County Commissioners for a .15% sales tax increase throughout the county to fund additional police officers and also avoid next year’s potential layoffs. Las Vegas’s Metropolitan Police Department is looking at a $30 million deficit, which will eventually cause a … Read More

Wausau, Wisconsin Alderman Pushes For Cities’ Right to Own Public Transit Sales Tax Across State

Wausau Alderman Keene Winters is proposing to the Wisconsin State Legislature that the state’s cities, towns, and villages be able to levy their own sales taxes to fund public transit systems. Alderman Winters has been campaigning door-to-door for support of his proposal, but the state legislature will have to pass the law allowing the local … Read More