And we’ve only just begun: an early look at the Presidential candidates’ tax plans

With primary season in full swing, candidates are out on the campaign trail asserting their positions on a variety of issues, taxes included. Of the 20 or so Presidential hopefuls, several have put forth detailed plans on taxes, many have made broad comments but haven't gotten to specifics, while others have been relatively quiet on the issue. Some of these proposals are essentially tweaks to the existing system, while others are more drastic—and although many of them are unlikely to become law, they nonetheless will shape the debate and elevate the issue of tax reform on a nationwide basis. … Read More

Wake-up call for employers on complex ACA information reporting requirements

The Summer, 2015, issue of the SSA/IRS Reporter, a Newsletter for Employers, carries an important reminder that employers subject to the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) employer shared responsibility (ESR) provisions should already be tracking the data they'll need to file complex information reporting forms early in 2016. The newsletter cautions that many employers will need close coordination of their payroll, human resources, and benefits departments because each probably controls the system housing some of the information that must be reported. … Read More