Agency FAQ: COBRA Notice May Include Additional Information About Exchange Options

The DOL, HHS, and IRS have jointly issued a single FAQ confirming that group health plan administrators may include in their COBRA election notices information about Exchange coverage that goes beyond the information included in the DOL’s model notice. (The DOL revised its model election notice in 2013 and again in 2014 to include basic information about the Exchanges. … Read More

Planning for the boomer generation’s lifetime required minimum distributions—Part I

A torrent of money has started to flow from the IRAs and qualified plans used by over 77 million U.S. baby boomers to save for retirement. A portion of the first cohort of boomers, the approximately 3.4 million born in '46, will attain age 70 1/2 this year and will have to begin taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from their retirement plans. And the money flow from retirement plans and IRAs holding trillions in assets will accelerate in coming years, as the 3.8 to 4 million boomers born annually after '46 and before '65 attain age 70 1/2. … Read More