How to Navigate Complex International Tax Issues

International tax departments are being hit from all angles with new regulations and complex issues. From Brexit to BEPS, from FATCA to TPP, the most critical issue is navigating the changing nature of global business and the complex implications for operations. Implementing the right technology, challenging the status quo, and building the right team that … Read More

Every Keystroke Counts! Review Enhancements to Accounting CS User Preference Options

We have made the following enhancements to Accounting CS user preference options (in the System tab of the Setup > User Preferences dialog) that can save you keystrokes in data entry and expedite saving transactions in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen. Use the ENTER key to move between fields. When this checkbox is marked … Read More

Partner Summit Series: Leading Your Firm to Success

This year, Thomson Reuters held its ninth annual Partner Summit series—seven events across the United States where we share best practices with the 65 attendees at each location. As we wrap up another summer, we’d like to share with you some insights from one of the key presentations that came out of this year’s summits. … Read More

Where will assessment innovation converge with global technology trends?

Where will assessment innovation converge with global technology trends? By Christopher Barlow, Director of Marketing – Tax&Accounting, Thomson Reuters At this year’s annual International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Conference in Tampa, Fla., we asked attendees a question: Where will assessment innovation converge with global technology trends? Of course the simple, self-serving … Read More

Introducing Dividends Magazine

Insight. Ideas. Answers. That’s what you’ll find in Thomson Reuters Dividends, a new digital publication specifically designed with the 21st century tax practitioner in mind. In its pages, you’ll gain insights from a number of subject matter experts who are examining the trends emerging across the globe that are impacting the tax and … Read More

Bank Account Reconciliation in Accounting CS

Reconciling bank accounts is a complex process—but in Accounting CS, the Actions > Reconcile Bank Accounts screen and the Actions > Reconcile Impound Bank Accounts screen enable you to easily reconcile Accounting CS bank accounts. You can download transaction data from your financial institution, and then match and clear those transactions … Read More