T2 Power User Profile: Natalie Marx

“I’m one of those people who likes to understand the why as much as the how something works,” admits Natalie Marx, chief deputy treasurer for Douglas County, Washington. It’s that determined curiosity that has made Marx a “power user” among Thomson Reuters T2 users. “Douglas County is one of those counties that utilizes the T2 … Read More

Kill Chain: The 7 Stages of a Cyberattack

By Joseph Raczynski Technologist, Thomson Reuters In our new world reality where cyberattacks are a daily occurrence and every organization must focus on critical infrastructure surrounding cybersecurity, businesses have begun to think like the military. How can we defend our enterprise? To that end, it’s not surprising that companies have adopted soldierly, combative mindsets and … Read More

Help us better serve you. We want your myPay Solutions ideas.

Our best resource is your feedback and ideas. Over the years, we’ve implemented hundreds of new features and enhancements thanks to feedback from Ideas Community members. And we’ve now created an Ideas Community just for referring accountants to contribute their ideas on myPay Solutions. It’s a space for you to suggest new features and enhancements … Read More

Cyberattacks are here to stay – protect your organization with these 10 best practices

By Joseph Raczynski Technologist, Thomson Reuters Our online connections can be downright frightening! The diabolical among us seize every opportunity to plunder our personal information. In fact, FireEye, a leading cybersecurity corporation, has some startling statistics to support this. When conducting an audit of 1,200 companies, they found that 97 percent of the … Read More

Determine Whether Your Intercompany Interest Rates Are Arm’s Length As You Comply With Section 163(n)

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes some key impacts to transfer pricing, including the limitations on interest expenses imposed by section 163(n). BEPS Action 4 proposed two types of limitations on intercompany interest deductions: limits to intercompany debt where an affiliate’s debt to asset ratio mirrors the overall third party debt to asset ratio … Read More