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2016 Release Information for CS Professional Suite® Applications

Blog, CS Professional Suite, CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions November 22, 2016

The initial releases of 2016 UltraTax CS® and Fixed Assets CS® are available to download from the CS Professional Suite website.

These releases include the following applications and features:

  • UltraTax CS Proforma and Organizer capabilities for the following products: 1040-US, 1041-US, 1065-US, 1120-US, and 990-US
  • UltraTax CS 706-US
  • Fixed Assets CS

For more information about installing UltraTax CS, installing state applications, downloading and installing licenses, and best practices for Terminal Server installations, see the Installing and maintaining your applications and data topic in the Help & How-To Center.

During the 2016 UltraTax CS installation, you’ll have four different selections to choose from for installing your products, customized to fit your firm’s needs:

  • Install available UltraTax CS products—Installs all currently available UltraTax CS products
  • Install available licensed UltraTax CS products—Installs any UltraTax CS products for which you have an unlimited license
  • Install available licensed federal UltraTax CS products—Installs any UltraTax CS federal products for which you have an unlimited license
  • Install selected UltraTax CS products—Allows for installation of a specific selection of UltraTax CS products

Note: Thomson Reuters no longer produces CDs as an alternative to the web download.