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Customers Are Excited to Reap the Benefits of Our New Initiatives

Aumentum, Blog October 1, 2013

I recently returned from our annual Aumentum User Conference. As the new Vice President of Customer Operations, this conference was the first one I have attended and it was a great opportunity to listen to and learn from our customers.

In my many conversations, I expressed that the Customer Operations team is working together with customers to build the foundation for world-class capabilities in Training & Documentation, Customer Support, and Technical Services. I received very positive feedback from many jurisdictions regarding how and why this enhanced focus is important for them.

Specifically, a stronger Training & Documentation foundation will support new customers by assisting their transition from a newly implemented system to an operational phase. Training & Documentation formally bridges the learning process – after all, a change in systems often brings a change in processes and procedures.

Yet what really stuck out to me in my conversations are the on-going training needs of our customers. Staff turnover and also job advancement within jurisdictions requires new staff to learn systems quickly. Also, all users must be proficient on the most current version of the installed systems at all times.

I was very impressed that at the conference we had eight concurrent tracks running per day for three days. In total there were 104 sessions at the conference, the great majority of which were led by customers sharing their experiences and best practices using recording, valuation, and tax systems. This was a tremendous learning exchange, both for our customers and also our staff.

It’s this level of engagement with and between our community, which reminded me that our Customer Operations team is as much about supporting the community as it is about having a customer become operational on a system. By this I mean that customer excellence for Thomson Reuters is really about enabling our government customers to better serve their communities and citizens. Learning and exchange is one critical element. I certainly learned a lot from the 2013 Aumentum User Conference.