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Fostering stronger customer support with a single-code line platform

Aumentum, Aumentum, Aumentum News, Blog, Governments June 21, 2017

Any company worth its salt pays keen attention to customer service. Finding new ways to add value and improve the user experience are cornerstone tenets that can never be underestimated. Both are big drivers for the transition of Aumentum to a single-code line platform. A scalable platform will foster closer, more productive relationships with our clients, while also helping our clients better serve their customers. It’s an evolution that Diana Flanders, vice president of customer operations, is eagerly anticipating.

“When the migration to the scalable platform is complete, we’ll all be speaking the same language,” Flanders notes. “All of our customers will have access to the same best-in-class functionality.”

With equal access comes equal-opportunity benefits. What’s at the top of the list?


“Our shared platform will have automated test cases built in,” Flanders says. “By definition, we’ll be releasing software that’s continuously vetted through rigorous testing.”

Now product development can concentrate their efforts in a targeted manner that naturally fosters innovation and continuous improvement.

Speed of delivery is another big boon. A scalable system gives customers faster access to new features and functionality.
“As we build in new bells and whistles, customers will be able to use them right away,” Flanders adds. “It will also eliminate the situation we often run into now where customers using an older version hear about new features and functionality, but can’t access them.”  

Facilitating more ways to share ideas and best practices

While a more reliable platform makes it easier for Aumentum customers to better serve their customers, it also enables customers to share knowledge and insights with one another. Once everyone is unified on a single platform, users can quickly share ideas and industry best practices across markets and projects. Empowered with a shared knowledge base and user experience, it will also be easier for user groups to bring suggested enhancements forward.

“What’s amazing about Aumentum customers is that they’re very interconnected and collaborative,” says Flanders. “Moving to a shared platform will not only enhance this, but amplify the strengths of the Aumentum user group.”

Aumentum customers will also enjoy more robust training support. Whether it’s related to WebEx or product documentation, a shared and scalable platform facilitates a more cohesive approach to training.

“We’re already hearing from customers who are excited about the new platform and ready to make the move as soon as possible,” Flanders confirms. “We’re planning on a phased, systematic approach, and I really look forward to working closely with our customers to make it as seamless as possible.”