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The Journey to Customer Excellence

Aumentum, Blog May 7, 2015

Mat Greener
Senior Director, Customer Support

You’ve likely heard that customer service is the key to any successful organization, and that’s nothing new. However, providing an excellent customer experience is more vital to an organization today than ever before. In today’s digital age, negative feedback not only travels via word of mouth, but is immortalized on the pages of the web. But it is more than simply sidestepping negative feedback; a quality customer experience elevates the public perception of your office and impacts the ease of doing business.

The key to customer excellence is hearing, listening and acting on information from the customer and really helping to improve their experience.  Attuning yourself to your customers and their needs occurs from the inside out through three key steps:

  1. Know your staff and empower them to succeed
  2. Understand your customers
  3. Ideate and iterate to put a winning process into place

As you strive to nurture a more customer-centric organization, it’s vital to remember that excellence is not only about serving your customers well, but your employees too. Truly, you have to put the right processes in place to constantly improve, uniting the customers’ issues with employees’ issues to provide an ultimately robust experience.

If you’d like to read more about customer excellence, please download the ebook entitled 3 Keys to Building a Customer-Centric Culture, or listen to a recording of my presentation.