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Six Super Powers That Can Be Unleashed When Social Media and SEO Work In Tandem

Blog, Business Strategy & Development, Checkpoint, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms, Marketing October 21, 2016

Guest Author: Daniel Klizas

On Halloween, you may see hundreds of children — and even some adults — dressed as superheroes. Did you know that you can create a digital marketing superhero by fusing social media and search engine optimization (SEO) into one powerful hero, in the same way that two very different people fuse together to create the legendary Firestorm superhero character? Just as every superhero has his or her own special powers – such as the power of flight, strength, invisibility – your Social Media and SEO superhero (let’s call it “Social Media + SEO”) has some impressive powers of its own. Here are the six super powers your digital marketing superhero can display:

  1. The Power of Quality Content (Superhero Equivalent: Iron Man/Tony Stark)

Some people argue that Iron Man is not a superhero because he does not have any real super powers; all of his abilities are due to Tony Stark’s ingenuity and inventions. The first super power that Social Media + SEO brings to the table is the power of Quality Content. Just like Tony Stark, you need to supply the innovation behind your content, ensuring that the content is engaging and compelling in order to captivate your audience and fend off competing digital marketing villains.

  1. The Power of Enhanced Vision (Superhero Equivalent: Cyborg)

The next super power is Enhanced Vision. While superheroes like Cyborg have the ability to see through walls or see great distances, your digital marketing’s enhanced vision is about brand visibility. When Social Media + SEO is activated, it enables as many people as possible to see your content. Positive brand visibility will increase brand equity in the long run. Social Media + SEO can impact brand visibility by:

  • Engaging with your followers regularly through posts
  • Encouraging followers to share your content
  • Pushing social media fans to your firm’s website with direct links

  1. The Power of Unlimited Brand Strength  (Superhero Equivalent: The Hulk)

One of the most popular superpowers is unlimited strength, which is one of the most powerful powers your digital marketing can have. Your brand’s strength will determine its success and longevity. Strong brand signals occur when your online messages are consistent, frequent and high quality. When you think of a strong superhero, one of the first that comes to mind is the Hulk. Here is how your Social Media + SEO superhero can channel the Hulk’s super strength and use it to improve your brand strength:

  • Increased social reputation leads to increased online brand presence
  • Better brand presence leads to more branded searches on Google
  • More branded searches lead to higher rankings on non-branded keywords

  1. The Power to Control Time (Superhero Equivalent: Hiro Nakamura)

While the first few superheroes referenced in this blog post are from comic books, our next hero hails from a television show. Hiro Nakamura is a superhero from the NBC series “Heroes” and he has the ability to manipulate and travel through time. Imagine all the things we could change if this was possible. The idea of time control as a superpower is essential for your digital marketing: you need to master the art of frequency and consistency with posts. Frequent and consistently engaging posts will boost your firm’s accessibility and online reputation. Your firm’s online reputation plays an integral part in your firm’s search rankings. Once again, Social Media and SEO work in conjunction to create a superpower for your digital marketing efforts.

  1. The Power of Telepathy (Superhero Equivalent: Professor X)

Telepathy is an amazing power that allows you to control the minds of others to do what you want. Just as Professor X has the ability to telepathically communicate with other mutants and people, you want to make sure your firm publishes content that gives readers a reason to like, share, mention, comment on and follow your accounts and posts. What can your power of telepathy lead to? Increased authority. It can sometimes be difficult to encourage followers to like or share your content. By utilizing your Social Media + SEO’s super power of telepathy through gamification (such as contests) and data visualization, you can motivate and encourage followers to interact with your content, which increases the perception of your brand’s authority. What form your content comes in, it should be persuasive enough to get your followers to take the desired action (like, share, comment).

  1. The Power of Replication (Superhero Equivalent: Multiple Man)

Have you ever heard of Multiple Man? While he may be less widely known, his power is quite astonishing – the power to replicate himself. This power is crucial to your digital marketing. While you may not be replicating a physical version of yourself, you can — and should — have consistently branded accounts across multiple social channels. This will allow you to link each account together and direct followers back to your firm’s website. Increasing the number of social media accounts that include links to each other and your website will positively impact your search ranking. Replication is a super power that your Social Media + SEO superhero can leverage quite easily.

When social media and SEO come together to become a “Social Media + SEO” superhero, your digital marketing efforts can conquer the digital sphere.

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