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Why Do We Need Quality Content For Marketing?

Blog, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms, Marketing June 11, 2018

In my last post, I talked about what quality content is and discussed the importance of three key ingredients:
1) helpfulness, 2) entertainment value, and 3) emotional impact. But why is quality marketing content so critical?

What’s the point of publishing quality content? Why would we want to generate it? Why is it important to the success of our marketing initiatives or business development efforts? Consider the following:

Quality content is a social opportunity for new business

With the rise of social media, particularly in the professional services industries, marketers are able to reach and influence new markets with their messages. As social beings, we “share” content, “tweet” content, “like” content, “Digg” content, “forward” content to our friends. As marketers, we cross our fingers and hope that others will do the same with our content. We would love it if they would shout it from the rooftops, too. But we need to give them something worth talking about in order for them to repeat it. Quality content is share-worthy if it meets the criteria (i.e., it’s helpful, entertaining and/or emotionally impactful). Remember to make it easy for others to share your content. Use “share this” links in your email newsletter and on your blog, along with appropriate calls to action. With 1.11 billion Facebook users and 225 million LinkedIn users as of June 2013, the opportunities for new business are seemingly endless on social media platforms.

Quality content differentiates us from our competition

Google lists nearly half a billion results for “widget”. There are over 10 million results for “CPA Firm.” As the availability of content on the internet grows, so does our need to distinguish our services, products and information so that we are separated from the rest. Quality content is one step in the right direction. Make sure you dress your content up the right way. And add a touch of personality to give your quality content the stamina for the content marketing marathon.

Quality content generates loyalty and builds top of mind awareness

Business owners, partners and managers want to see tangible results from each and every message you send out. They assume that the best way to accomplish this is to send out offers, promotions or other transactional content that request a response. Marketers know that transactional content has inherent limitations because they will never apply to (and provide value to) 100% of the recipients, no matter how awesomely segmented your list may be. By providing quality content in all of your messaging (and limiting transactional content to timely occasions), you will benefit from top of mind awareness and long-term loyalty. Readers and recipients will appreciate that you do not demand anything of them, that you provide some form of value, and will continue to look for and forward to your messages. When the time comes for them to need something that you provide, they will think of you.

3 quick tips for quality marketing content

If you missed our blog post that revealed tangible examples of quality content that you should be thinking about as you draft your editorial calendar, check it out. Meanwhile, here are some super quick tips that will help you draft share-worthy content:

  1. Start with what you have. If you haven’t really given content much thought before, begin with what you already have on hand. It is likely that you have content lying around that may be repurposed for your newsletter, blog, social media, email, etc. Review the inherent value in your content before distributing to check for the key ingredients.
  2. Aim for applicability that lasts longer than a week. Advice on how to best implement your widget has a longer shelf life than a listing of upcoming widget conventions. Both offer value and could be considered quality content if presented correctly, but one requires constant maintenance and updating in order to remain current, while the other will remain relevant and viable as long as the widget implementation procedures remain the same.
  3. Recycle, repurpose and reuse. A quote from a client could turn into a 30-second video testimonial and both could turn into Facebook posts. The “User’s Guide to Improving Widgets” could be turned into a series of short blog posts. A collection of positive tweets from customers could be turned into an email blast. And, of course, there is no rule that says you can’t republish that brilliant article you wrote in 2002 when you launched your first e-newsletter.

Quality content is the key to share-ability, loyalty, top of mind awareness and differentiation. 

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