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Content is the Heart of Your Marketing Strategy

Blog, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms July 16, 2018

In this new media marketing era, successful content marketing begins with a well-planned and strategically executed content marketing strategy. Align your content strategy with the buying life-cycle in order to provide key decision-making tools for your prospects along the way. Leverage social media channels to drive more connections, achieve enhanced exposure and improve company popularity. Utilize all of the possible outlets at your disposal – email newsletters, social media, blogs, email blasts, press releases, websites and print – to maximize your exposure. In addition to quality content, presence and reach are also key elements for success.

What should you include in your email newsletter, blog posts, and other e-marketing content?

Demonstrate thought leadership, value, credibility, a sense of humor and personality in order to stand out among your competition and position your firm as a valuable resource. Remain human and accessible in order to grow new relationships, enhance existing relationships and retain clients for the long-haul.

Consistently provide calls to action with every piece of content you publish. The best calls to action are:

  • Proportional to other visual elements
  • Larger than less critical CTAs
  • Prominent and easily found
  • Above the fold – at or near the top of a webpage, email or e-newsletter
  • Customized to fit the type of CTA or communication method
  • Separated from other elements with whitespace
  • In a contrasting color to make them stand out
  • Dual-purpose, offering secondary actions in addition to the primary action
  • Successful in conveying a sense of urgency

Develop a reserve of content in addition to your editorial calendar so you never run out of ideas or content. Recycle great content… repurpose and reincarnate content through social media, blog posts, articles, whitepapers, videos, etc.

Monitor activity: use your e-newsletter and social media metrics to track subscriber behavior to follow up on leads and cultivate relationships. Send follow-up emails on topics of interest to those who have shown a dedicated interest by reading or responding to specific posts or articles. Pick up the phone to touch base with those who might be on the brink of making a decision. Remember that merely sending an email, even if it is customized and personalized, does not nurture a long-term relationship.

Maintain a schedule of communication that your audience can rely upon. We recommend every two weeks for email newsletters, weekly blog posts and daily social media posts.

Once you understand the thought process of the modern consumer and align your content strategies with the buying life-cycle as outlined in this series of blog posts, you will inherently forge relationships, position yourself as a valued resource, and generate new and ongoing business opportunities.

How to Cultivate Relationships With Prospects via Email

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