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Team up with myPay Solutions to Avoid Payroll Risks

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions, CS Professional Suite Payroll Solutions April 25, 2016

As any payroll provider can tell you, offering payroll services is rewarding, but it can come with some headaches too. For example, you can encounter challenging and complex legislation, ever-changing rules and regulations and potential risks. If you don’t have a dedicated payroll staff to help you manage the extra work, it can be a challenging task.

This is why many firms are beginning to consider payroll processing services, like myPay Solutions, to alleviate resource challenges. Not only does a service completely manage the day-to-day tasks and risks that come with payroll, but they also give firms a peace of mind that their clients are in safe hands. With increasing risk, like fraud, it is important to know your clients and your firm to protect everyone involved.

If you’d like to learn more about how payroll services can help make payroll processing easy and stress-free, check out our free payroll webcast on May 17 or 19, Partnering With myPay Solutions to Avoid Increasing Payroll Risks. You’ll hear directly from a practitioner about their experience partnering with myPay Solutions for their payroll strategy, and how they’re able to easily handle the latest payroll compliance complexities without the worry.

The webcast will also feature a brief spotlight with myPay Solutions Director of Operations and APA Board of Directors member and President-Elect Jim Paille, to help you to understand what you need to know to avoid the increasing risks impacting payroll service providers.

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