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Save Time Using On-Screen Report-Viewer Portlets in Practice CS

CS Professional Suite Firm & Workflow Management Solutions November 7, 2013

Practice CS offers several different features to help you quickly narrow down large amounts of on-screen data, so you can quickly and easily find just the info you need.

Custom (Report) Portlets

The library of standard portlets available for your dashboards is powerful and can show a wide variety of information. However, since portlets are not generally customizable, there may be situations where the specific information that you desire is not available. If there are reports that you need to regularly view, or data that would be beneficial to review on-screen that isn’t already presented on one of the existing, standard dashboard portlets, then this is a perfect situation for a report-viewer portlet. A Custom Portlet can display a preview of any Practice CS report or chart on any dashboard.

When you add the report-viewer portlet to a dashboard, the report options dialog will open and allow you to specify options for the report. From that point on, the report preview is displayed within the portlet. You can change the report options at any time by right-clicking the portlet and choosing Options from the context menu. You can also configure the custom portlet to show data for all staff or clients, or only the currently displayed client or logged-in staff member.


For more information and step-by-step instructions, refer to Setting up a Report Viewer custom portlet in our Help & How-To Center.