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Support Answers Practice CS Questions on Dashboard Setup and Client Purging

CS Professional Suite Firm & Workflow Management Solutions November 11, 2013

Q: How can our staff members save time when setting up dashboards?

A: Have one staff member set up a dashboard and then right-click and choose Save Layout As, selecting a name for the layout. After the layout is saved, other staff members can then right-click on the same dashboard, choose Select Layout, and choose the appropriate layout.

Q: We have several clients that we would like to purge from our Practice CS database. How can we accomplish this?

A: Currently there is not a purge feature within Practice CS. However, you can merge clients into a single client for later deletion. Choose Setup > Clients and create a new client named Merged. Then click the Edit Multiple Clients link at the bottom of the Clients setup screen, click the Merge Clients option, and then follow the steps in the Edit Multiple Clients – Merge Clients dialog. This process will remove all identification information for the merged clients and will move all historical WIP and A/R transactions to the client named Merged.


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