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Timesaving Tips for Reviewing On-Screen Reports in Practice CS

CS Professional Suite Firm & Workflow Management Solutions July 5, 2013

Practice CS offers several different features to help you quickly narrow down large amounts of on-screen data, so you can quickly and easily find just the info you need.

On-screen Reporting Tools

When previewing a report on screen, the following tools can help you find what you’re looking for.

  • Table of Contents – Practice CS will automatically produce an on-screen table of contents based on the groupings you chose when running the report, which you can view by clicking the Table of Contents button button in the top left corner of your preview screen. When you click an item in the Table of Contents, Practice CS will jump to the page that has the data you selected.
  • Continuous Scroll – Instead of clicking through each page when scanning a large document for data, you can enable the Continuous Scroll option by clicking the Continuous Scrolls button button.
  • Print Specific Pages – When viewing a report on screen, you can choose File > Print and select the pages you’d like to print. Note: Clicking the printer button on the screen will print the entire report to your default printer.
  • Drill-Down – Practice CS offers drill-down on many reports, allowing you to look at a summarized report and then drill down into more detail as needed. When your mouse pointer changes to a pointing index finger while hovering over a line item, drill-down is enabled for that item.

Report Profiles and Report Description Override

Once you’ve determined the report settings that satisfy your needs, you’ll want to save them by using Report Profiles and the Report Description Override.

  • Report Profiles – Allows you to save multiple reports with the exact options you’ve selected (including the Report Description Override) into report groups that can be used at any time and by anyone in the firm with security rights to that report. Using report profiles is an excellent way to set up reports for staff to use without needing to explain or train them on all the report options in Practice CS. For more info, refer to our Help & How-To Center topic Creating a profile.
  • Report Description Override – Allows you to name a report for the specific function that it’s providing. For example: Bob’s Clients WIP Aging Report. The actual report may be the Work-in-Process Summary report filtered for the clients for whom Bob is the partner. Renaming this report makes it easier to understand what you’re looking at. For more info, refer to our Help & How-To Center topic Setting print options for reports.

Custom Portlets

Custom Portlets allow you to put reports that you refer to daily, weekly, or monthly on your dashboard, so they’re ready and waiting whenever you need them. For step-by-step instructions, refer to our Help & How-To Center topic Custom portlets overview.

For more helpful info about running reports in Practice CS, refer to our Help & How-To Center topic Print Reports screen overview.