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Easily Access IRS Publications, Instructions, and More from within UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions December 17, 2013

For researching info for the current client, you can quickly access federal and state form instructions, taxing authority publications, Checkpoint® tools, and other online resources from within UltraTax CS. 

Accessing Web Research

Follow the steps below to access form instructions or publications from within an open client.

  1. Navigate to the Form View of the open client by choosing Form Viewf rom theView menu of UltraTax CS
  2. Select the applicable form, schedule or worksheet from the list of forms along the left margin
  3. Right-click and choose Web Research > Government
  4. Within the displayed menu choose the desired resource in order to display it within a web browser.

Accessing Checkpoint

To access Checkpoint, choose Help > On the Web > Checkpoint  and log in using your username and password. 

Note: this option will not appear unless you have enabled it under Setup > User Preferences > Research

Accessing Web Form Instructions

Additionally, you may view a listing of Web Form Instructions by clicking on the Tax Subject Index icon UltraTax CS Tax Subject Index icon from the icon bar at the top of UltraTax CS while in a client.  Then select the desired resource from the list and click “Go To” to be directed to it within a web browser. 

UltraTax CS Tax Subject Index

More Info?

Remember to search our Help & How-To Center for product-related questions. 

You can access the Help & How-To Center directly from UltraTax CS by holding your CTRL key plus the letter Y. You may also click the Help button UltraTax CS Toolbar help icon from the toolbar of UltraTax CS.