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How to Include Additional Explanations with a Form 1040 E-File in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions February 18, 2014

UltraTax CS logoIn certain cases, you may want to include an additional explanation for an e-filed return. You can accomplish this in UltraTax CS with the statement dialogs for the Preparer notes  and General footnote fields. 

Click the Statement dialog button for the Preparer notes field on Screen ELF, located in the Electronic Filing folder. In the Preparer Notes tab, enter your explanation.  

The General footnote field is on Screen 1040, located in the General folder. UltraTax CS automatically includes text entered in the statement dialog for the Preparer notes field (as explained above) in the electronic file; therefore, you should not enter duplicate information in the General footnote field. 


  • Do not enter election explanations in the statement dialogs for either the Preparer notes or the General footnote field. UltraTax CS automatically enters any election explanations in the e-file based on your entry in the Election Statements section in Screen Elect, located in the Elections folder. 
  • When providing statements guided by an IRS regulation, use the Screen ELF Regulatory explanation statement.
  • We recommend that you do not copy and paste text from another source (such as Microsoft Word) due to formatting differences that could cause the text to not be properly formatted in the e-file.
  • In Form view, Edit > Attached Text is not included in an electronic file.
  • In Input view, Edit > Custom Statements are not included in an electronic file. 

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