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The Simplified Process of Installing and Updating UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions January 8, 2015

2014 UltraTax CS was released via web download on November 21, 2014. All additional program updates, including the installation of state products, will be available via CS Connect.

Installing a State Product 

You can use CS Connect to download any state product that is used on a Per-Return Pricing (PRP) basis. 

  1. Choose Utilities > CS Connect to open the CS Connect dialog.
  2. Mark the Retrieve available updates checkbox.
  3. Click the Initial State Releases tab and mark the checkboxes for the products you want to download.
  4. Click Call Now to download the selected product releases. 

Installing an UltraTax CS state product can also be as simple as clicking the Add State(s) button in File > New Client or File > Client Properties. The Add State(s) dialog lists the state applications that you have already installed, as well as states that are available to install. After you make your selection(s) and click OK, any state or city applications that you haven’t previously installed to the system will be installed automatically. Once installed, the selected state(s) or city tabs appear in the New Client or Client Properties dialog. 

Note:  If you’re running UltraTax CS on Virtual Office CS and need to add a state, refer to Activating UltraTax CS PRP licenses in Virtual Office CS for instructions. 

Keep Your Program Up to Date with CS Connect Background Services 

UltraTax CS offers an Apply updates as each user’s processing permits (recommended) option in Setup > System Configuration > CS Connect.This feature does not require all users to exit the program when an update is released. Each user will see the update take effect after restarting the 2014 UltraTax CS program on the workstation. When this option is marked, UltraTax CS will automatically apply any updates that have been previously downloaded using either CS Connect or CS Connect Background Services. This process will happen seamlessly in the background as soon as any clients with the federal or state entity in which the update is meant to apply are closed. 

Note: The Apply updates as each user’s processing permits (recommended)  option is enabled by default. 

Product Releases Section of Home Page 

The Product Releases section of the UltraTax CS Home Page allows for easy viewing of licensed products and the availability of those products. Hover your mouse over a product to display the details of when that product will be available and to see your license information. (See image below.) 

The printer-friendly version will also include availability details.

UltraTax CS Product Release Schedule