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Tip: Verify Your GoSystem Tax RS E-file Submissions

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions October 15, 2013

As you prepare and send electronic files this tax season, we encourage you to verify that each file is successfully submitted. In rare cases, we detect errors in an otherwise qualified e-file and – even though the submission process has been completed – the e-file is not transmitted to the taxing authority. When this happens, the e-file status will read: Error – Not Submitted. 

Please note: Because the return has not been transmitted, the submission does not count as an IRS rejection for the e-filing perfection period.

We recommend you adjust your settings to receive e-mail notifications. This will ensure that you’re always aware when an error is detected. To begin receiving email notifications, have your GoSystem Tax RS Administrator follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate the GoSystem Tax RS Browser to Administrative Functions.
  2. Click Firm Configuration.
  3. Select the E-file Notifications tab.
  4. Mark the Error Not Submitted checkbox under Status to Trigger Email Notifications.

GoSystem Tax RS Administrative Functions

You can also view returns with an e-file status of Error – Not Submitted in the E-File Status Report. To view this report, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate the GoSystem Tax RS Browser to Return Processing.
  2. Click Electronic Filing.
  3. Click Status Report and set search criteria to either “All Statuses (excluding Ready to Send),” or “Error – Not Submitted.”