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UltraTax CS: Import Form 990 Office and Contributor Info from Microsoft Excel

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions January 21, 2014

The Excel Import utility in UltraTax CS allows you to quickly and efficiently import officer and contributor info from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a 990 return.

The following officer info can be imported. 

  • Individual or business officer
  • Name
  • Address, including a foreign address
  • Title
  • Average hours worked per week (organization and related organization)
  • Social Security number
  • Position
  • The officer cannot be reached at the organization’s address
  • The officer received or accrued compensation from an unrelated organization
  • Officer amounts for the organization and related organizations:

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The following contributor info can be imported. 

  • Do not disclose contributor name and address
  • Individual or business contributor
  • Name
  • Address, including a foreign address
  • Cash contribution
  • Portion of cash contribution included in fundraising events
  • Type of contribution
  • Whether designated for a donor-advised fund
  • A contribution from a governmental entity
  • Include the contribution on Schedule B 

The basic procedure below outlines how to use the Excel Import utility to import asset info. Each step contains links to articles in our Help & How-To Center for more detail on this process. 

  1. Create the Excel Spreadsheet –  To import officer and contributor info from Excel, you must create the Excel spreadsheet using the appropriate e3usCTRB.xls or e3usOFFC.xls template in UltraTax/990.
  2. Save the Excel Spreadsheet –  After you enter all necessary data into the Excel spreadsheet, you must save the spreadsheet as an Excel CSV (comma delimited) file.
  3. Import Officer and Contributor Info –  After you create and save the Excel spreadsheet, you can import officer and contributor information from the spreadsheet into UltraTax/990. 

Note: To edit or modify the info in the Excel spreadsheet, follow the required guidelines

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