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Help us better serve you. We want your myPay Solutions ideas.

CS Professional Suite, CS Professional Suite Payroll Solutions June 4, 2018

Our best resource is your feedback and ideas. Over the years, we’ve implemented hundreds of new features and enhancements thanks to feedback from Ideas Community members. And we’ve now created an Ideas Community just for referring accountants to contribute their ideas on myPay Solutions. It’s a space for you to suggest new features and enhancements and vote for or comment on the ideas you support. 

Once you’ve signed up for the Accounting CS Ideas Community, you’ll be able to provide feedback on two areas specific to myPay Solutions.

  1. Onboarding and setup — Share your experience and suggestions on how we can make it even better
  2. myPay Solutions Direct — Provide feedback on features and user experience

Thomson Reuters product developers follow the communities closely to stay up to date on the suggestions offered, and will occasionally interact with members when an idea needs more clarification or is being considered for implementation. 

And, if you own other Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite products with associated Ideas Communities, you can use the same login. You can also customize your interaction with the community to receive immediate, daily, or weekly updates. Your level of participation in the community is completely up to you.

While suggesting an idea to the community doesn’t necessarily mean it will be implemented, the Ideas Communities are an important way to help us plan new features and, most importantly, to help our development team understand your clients’ needs.

Learn More
If you’d like to learn more about the CS Professional Suite Ideas Communities, visit and search on “Ideas” or “Suggestions.” You’ll find links to a Help topic with more details including a video on how to join. You can also access the communities from any CS Professional Suite application.