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Due Date Changes for Business Returns

Blog, CS Professional Suite, CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions December 9, 2016

The Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choices Improvement Act of 2015 provided new filing dates for corporate, partnership and certain other tax returns. The legislation also modified certain extension periods. The new filing dates are effective for tax years beginning after December 31, 2015. Our Help & How-To Center has a handy table that summarizes the new filing dates.

Informing Your Clients About the Changes

To best communicate the new due dates to your clients, we suggest taking advantage of our Data Mining utility, which you can use to create a custom letter and use a pre-defined search to target clients affected by the legislation change. Due to the timing of our release of Data Mining, you’ll need to use the 2015 UltraTax CS® Data Mining utility to produce these letters. The Data Mining utility in UltraTax CS is typically released in early February.

Steps for Creating a Custom Letter

For instructions on adding a custom letter, please see Adding or modifying client letters in Data Mining in our Help & How-To Center.

Suggested Predefined Search Criteria

Data Mining has many predefined search criteria that you can use to create a search formula. Although predefined search criteria cannot be modified, you can add new criteria or modify criteria that you previously created. For the purpose of this communication, our suggested search criteria is as follows:

  • 1120S clients: “Form 1120S filed (S Corporation)”
  • 1120 clients: “Form 1120 filed (C Corporation)”
  • 1065 clients: “All partnership clients” or “Current returns”
  • 1041 clients: “All clients” or “Current returns”
  • 990 clients: “All clients” or “Current returns”

FINCEN Form 114 filers: Custom search criteria will need to be created in each entity’s database to search for “FinCEN Form 114 [Prepared]”

More Information

Visit the Data Mining Overview topic in our Help & How-To Center for more information.