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Earth Day May Get a Little Greener in D.C.

Blog May 5, 2016

Next Earth Day may get a little greener in D.C., as a proposed bill would exempt sales of bicycles and bicycle-related products such as wheels, tires, locks, helmets, bicycle clothing, and accessories from sales tax annually on April 22. The bill may motivate residents to start commuting by bicycle or assist those who already cycle to upgrade their cycling wardrobe or gear tax-free. Consumers would not be responsible for the District’s 5.75% sales and use tax, which could save them a chunk of change, considering that some road bikes can range from $500.00 to $9,000.00.

Latest action on the bill indicates a Notice of Intent to Act was published in the District of Columbia Register on April 22, 2016, meaning that the bill should receive further legislative review and consideration shortly.