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New disaster relief credits available to help you help your clients

Blog, Federal Tax, Individual Tax, State & Local Tax, Tax August 10, 2018

When disasters strike, the last thing your clients are thinking about are their taxes. Yet they will likely be looking for assistance and financial guidance to help them get through such difficult and trying times. Finding out that his/her business is eligible for a disaster relief credit could potentially be critical for a client desperately trying to keep the doors open.

You can provide that pivotal and often-overlooked information to your clients when they need it with fast insights into credits and incentives that were created to aid affected areas.

International, federal, state and local governments offer billions of dollars annually in tax credits and incentives. Yet, due to their complexity, few accounting firms or businesses are able to identify many of these incentives, and they end up going unused.

When a client calls, are you prepared to answer these questions?

  • Which credits are active?
  • Which businesses and locations are eligible?
  • How much could your clients or businesses save?


What if you could maximize potential tax savings for your client by quickly finding credits and incentives and searching by address, jurisdiction, credit type or industry? See how.

A new credit type – Disaster Relief Credit – has been added to Checkpoint Credits and Incentives Pinpointer to specifically provide information on disaster relief credits.

How to Find Disaster Relief Credits

By selecting “Federal” under jurisdiction and “Disaster Relief Credit” under credit type, you will quickly access 26 data points for the following credits – with more being added as they become available.

  • Hurricane Harvey Employee Retention Credit
  • Hurricane Irma Employee Retention Credit
  • Hurricane Maria Employee Retention Credit
  • California Wildfires Employee Retention Credit


The 26 data points include: jurisdiction, credit/incentive type, tax type, credit name, program  name, industry, location specific, effective date, sunset date, eligibility, small employer exceptions, description, amount, limitations, maximum credit, refundable, priority applies, pre-certification or application required, carryback or carryforward, transferable or salable, filing requirements, recapture, authority, RIA reference, website/contact information, and whether it is statutory or discretionary.

“I would recommend Checkpoint Credits and Incentives Pinpointer to other accounting firms no matter what the size, large or small, because it is the quick way to identify potential benefits for your clients.”

Shawndel Rose, Manager of State and Local Tax, RUBINBROWN LLP

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Checkpoint Credits and Incentives Pinpointer not only helps you identify the universe of credits available for a certain location, but they also support your next phase of research with the up-to-date details you need. Covering 30 industries and 53 credit types, no other tool brings together location-based searching as well as the ability to search by jurisdiction, credit type, or industry type.