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Our New User Experience Showcased in the Cloud

Blog, Corporations, Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax, Tax, Technology December 9, 2016

The Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Indirect Tax Product Management team has been writing lately about the many different aspects of the cloud.  In collaboration with our marketing department we recently published an excellent whitepaper titled, “Why Cloud? Why Now”. If you’d like to read it, you can download it here.  We have also been hard at work designing a completely new user experience and we are excited to share with you some of our latest developments.

First and foremost, the user experience is not just about a new or different user interface, it is about understanding your customer’s entire interaction with your company, including your software.  About two years ago, the entire ONESOURCE team embarked on a journey to understand our customer’s experience and improve it holistically across the ONESOURCE software suite.  We know that our customer’s want a modern, universal look and feel across all ONESOURCE applications.   We also know they want all of their ONESOURCE applications to be integrated with each other, and accessible via a single login.  Leveraging one of the best user experience design firms in the world, HUGE, we created a standard approach to communicating with our customers and a template for a new, modern, and simple user interface for all of ONESOURCE.  We are pleased to share the first version of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax utilizing the redesigned user experience has been released.

This is an exciting step in the evolution of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax but is different from other available versions of the application.  While it uses the same patented global tax engine as other versions, it is the first version built on the ONESOURCE platform, delivering an entirely new user experience.  ONESOURCE Indirect Tax users will be able to:

  • Access ONESOURCE Indirect Tax alongside their other ONESOURCE applications with a single logon
  • Complete all their tax activities (Indirect Tax, Income Tax, Provision, BEPS Reporting, Property Tax, etc.) effortlessly and proficiently on one centralized platform
  • Perform their work on the go, from any location, using any device, any browser
  • Take advantage of the latest browser advancements ensuring a secure and feature-rich web-based experience

We really spent a lot of time making sure that our new user interface would delight our customers.  What all did we do to make this release the best user experience?

  1. Three highly experienced user experience (UX) designers guided the entire process incorporating modern UX design principles
  2. Redesigned pages from the ground up
  3. Added user control in all aspects of the user interface with sort, filter, and export functionality
  4. Added enterprise-wide view of the user’s entire configuration
  5. Extensive user testing of all designs and incorporated user feedback, this includes three sessions of in-person user testing at our user conference

Here are some screenshots of our new UI:



3_Tax Jurisdictions

4_Results of modeling a test

We are excited for the future of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax and look forward to sharing more information soon. The new version of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax is available for select new customers and will be available to the broader market in 2017.

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