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Property Tax Changes in Louisiana

Blog, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax June 16, 2014

Property tax payment under protest

Text has been added to Senate Bill No. 363 relative to payment of taxes paid under protest.

Taxpayers challenging and protesting the correctness or legality of a tax assessment must submit separate payments for the disputed amount of tax due and the amount that is not in dispute and not subject to the protest to the collecting officer designated by law for the collection of this tax. L. 2014, S363 (Act 304), effective 08/01/2014

Owner restriction removed on agricultural machinery and implement exemption

Louisiana House Bill NO. 1050 provides that agricultural lands are no longer required to be owned or leased by the person claiming the agricultural machinery and implements exemption. The ad valorem tax exemption, provided in Section 21 of Article VII of the Constitution of Louisiana, is available for agricultural machinery and other implements used exclusively for agricultural purposes. L. 2014, H1050 (Act 428), effective 07/01/2014.

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