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Campbell County Looks at a Meals Tax to Pay for School Budget

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Sales and Use Tax September 14, 2012

Campbell County is preparing for the meals tax referendum on the November ballot. Supervisors are scheduled to talk about a campaign to inform residents that this tax will be instrumental in raising funds for the school budget.  The proposed 4.0% meals tax is projected to raise $1.5 million in new revenue annually. As things stand Campbell County is one of only two localities in the area, along with Appomattox, that do not currently charge a meals tax. Two towns inside of Campbell County, Altavista and Brookneal, already charge meals taxes and have generated about $800,000 annually in revenue. This proposed county tax will not be implemented in those two towns. Likewise, the revenue those two towns generate will continue to go into their general fund and will not be re-routed to the school division.