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Indiana’s Crackdown on Sales Tax Evaders Nets Some Very Lucky Dogs

Indirect Tax, Sales Tax Nexus, Tax Automation December 29, 2010

Its not often that a story about tax evasion ends up with an ending as happy as one in Indiana did recently (not to mention a chance to post a picture of my very own lucky dog Yogi). Earlier this month however Indiana’s enforcement of its sales tax laws resulted in some very happy puppies and dogs who found themselves in a much better place just in time for Christmas as a result of a puppy mill owner’s failure to pay their taxes.

The Bloomfield breeder was charged with failing to pay about $311,000 in taxes. After the operation was shut down the state seized "its assets" — 120 dogs and puppies. The Indiana AG has filed two similar cases over the last couple of years. Those resulted in guilty pleas to various tax charges and the seizure of more than 300 dogs. In all of these cases the Humane Society has worked with the state to find loving new homes for the dogs involved.

Obviously, unpaid dog breeder taxes aren’t the biggest fiscal problems facing Indiana. However at an end-of-year media briefing last week Indiana AG Greg Zoeller pledged to keep up the tax and animal welfare crackdown. He also promised to use state tax-evasion laws to go after other off-the-book businesses.