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iPad helps with Data Management on the Human Level

Global Tax Compliance, US Income Tax Compliance October 20, 2011

We here at Thomson Reuters deal with corporations every day that are consumed by data. In many cases they look to our tools to help them deal with an ever increasing volume of data. The data is never in the right format or is too overwhelming to handle. Our tools increasingly help them deal with this challenge.

In our professional and personal lives, we as individuals have the same type of challenge consuming the ever increasing amount of news, email, or reading material. With the Apple iPad or similar device, we can begin to handle this challenge in a more convenient manner. No need to make regular trips to the chiropractor due to lugging around a heavy backpack or computer.

Every day I save articles and emails to PDF for later reading and upload them to GoogleDocs. Using the GoogleDocs App, I can load these documents quickly to the iPad and make them available to read at night or while traveling without having to carry the traditional pile of reading material. The iPad also allows me to read books using the Kindle App or magazines using the Zinio App. No longer do I need to carry a pile of paper to study on a plane ride. Just the iPad. The iPad is helping me to organize my limited time to stay on top of news, or the latest technology discussions.