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ONESOURCE Income Tax – State Tax Tip #7

US Income Tax Compliance October 6, 2011

Timesaver Tip of the Week: e-File Viewer

New for the 2010 form year, this is an easy way to view state XML files. IRS Style Sheets were dependent on the IRS for changes, offered no control over errors in the IRS style sheets and they gobble up memory! So, the answer is templates.

Available for Federal for the past few years, templates do not suffer from the same problems that plague style sheets. And now, there are templates for viewing state forms! On these templates:

  • Line numbers, descriptions and element names in templates are pulled directly from the IRS and state schemas
  • Forms include links to supporting schema detail
  • Faster performance with new templates
  • Each PDF includes taxpayer name, federal ID number, page number, and the date the XML file was created