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Running Fast—and Smart

Accounting Firms, CS Professional Suite, Our Customers, WorkFlow & Processes September 23, 2014

Steven M. Ellard, CPA, has been in business in Brewster, Mass., since 1991. Things were going great at the firm – in fact, the practice was growing. But as the firm added more clients, the efficiency just wasn’t where it needed to be.

Already a fan of Payroll CS and FileCabinet CS, owner Steve Ellard decided to implement more Thomson Reuters software, starting by going live with Practice CS in January 2008.

“It’s probably the best thing we ever did,” Ellard says. “Nothing would get done in this office if Practice CS wasn’t running.”

Before Practice CS, he was tracking everything in Microsoft® Outlook® and using to-do lists. “It just wasn’t working,” says Ellard.

“Now every project that comes in the door is tracked through the system until it goes back out the door.”

He says Practice CS is the first program everyone in the office starts up when they come in. The firm uses the project management, client management, and staff management components of Practice CS to track every phone call, every email, every interaction, and every step in the workflow.

“When the staff logs into the dashboard they can see right away what projects and tasks are assigned to them,” he explains. “If one of us isn’t there when a client calls with a question, any member of the staff can quickly read through the interactions and take care of the client, which is great from a customer service standpoint.”

The firm now has “pretty much all the software” that’s part of the CS Professional Suite, Ellard adds, which means optimal integration. All these streamlined processes have given the firm’s efficiency a big boost.

“It’s the cornerstone of everything,” he says. “For example, we bill our payroll clients through Payroll CS and it automatically pushes the invoice over to Practice CS so we can capture it and keep it recorded. We’re not duplicating efforts.”

“We’re really happy with everything,” he says. “I couldn’t even imagine running this firm without Practice CS.”

Practice Points: Ellard says revenue has tripled since 2007, while the firm has only needed to double its staff over the same period. Learn more about Practice CS at