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Washington: E911 Tax Rates Increase In January 2011

Indirect Tax, VAT Tax Rates November 29, 2010

Beginning on January 1, 2011, Washington state’s enhanced 911 (E911) tax rate will increase. The tax will also be extended to interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service at that time. Most Washington counties will also be raising their E911 taxes and extending their application to VoIP lines. Only Clark and Yakima counties are not applying the full increase to their county E911 taxes. Yakima has also chosen not to extend the tax to VoIP services.

These changes are due to the passage of Substitute Senate Bill 6846 in the 2010 legislative session which authorized the following:

  • A five-cent increase of the state E911 tax, to 25 cents per line a month.
  • A 20-cent increase of the county E911 tax, to a maximum of 70 cents per line a month. 
  • The extension of the E911 taxes to interconnected VoIP phone services. The taxes already apply to landlines and cell phones.

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