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The New and Improved CS Connect™ Dialog

Blog, CS Professional Suite November 28, 2016

We’ve redesigned the CS Connect dialog for easier navigation! The improved display comes with the ability to lock the various actions as a default for future CS Connect sessions.

This action will not be completed during this CS Connect call.

This action will be performed during this CS Connect call, but will default to No the next time the CS Connect dialog is opened.

Yes with padlock symbol
This action will be completed during every CS Connect call.

The default options selected in CS Connect are user-specific, so you can customize which actions you’d like to have performed during each Connect session. If your firm has enabled the global option of always running the CS Connect Background Services in Setup > System Configuration > CS Connect, it’s not necessary to lock the Retrieve and apply available updates as any updates will be automatically retrieved and then applied, once your program is closed and re-opened.