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Wisconsin Manufacturing Forms Filing Deadline

Blog, ONESOURCE Property Tax February 27, 2014

The M-L Leased, Rented or Loaned Personal Property, the M-P Manufacturing Personal Property, and the M-R Manufacturing Real Estate Return all have a  deadline where postmarked by March 3rd is considered timely filed this year. Extensions can be requested by first class mail, e-mail, fax, or filed electronically by visiting and using the search key word of “Manufacturing Forms.” The extension request must be submitted for each owner. The penalty for not filing the Wisconsin M-Forms is a minimum of $25.00; $50.00 or .05% of the previous year’s assessment, whichever is greater, but cannot exceed $250.00 when the form is 1 to 11 days late.  If the return is 11 to 30 days late the penalty increases to $100.00 or .1% of the previous year’s assessment whichever is greater, but is cannot exceed $750.00.