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Dominican Republic – Tax Administration Issues New VAT Withholding Measure

The Directorate General of Internal Revenue (DGII) is requesting all companies to be withholding agents of the ITBIS (Value Added Tax) when purchasing taxable goods from individuals issuing invoices with an eventual supplier number. A withholding agent will be required to withhold 75% of the ITBIS (VAT). This measure is established by General Resolution 08-2010, … Read More

Emergency Relief Available to Those Affected by the Roseville Fire

Those people affected by the 21 October 2010 Roseville, California Fire are eligible for a 1 month extension to file or pay the qualifying taxes administered by the State Board of Equalization. These taxes include: sales and use tax; alcoholic beverage tax; cigarette and tobacco products tax; energy resources surcharge; emergency telephone users surcharge; natural … Read More

On November 10th, learn how Delta Airlines elevated transaction tax automation with Thomson …

Join Us: Delta Climbs Even Higher with Efficient and Accurate Transaction Tax Automation Transaction tax compliance is becoming an increasing burden on tax professionals. Learn how the world’s largest airline, Delta, has reduced the burden and maximized transaction tax compliance through the automation of their sales and use tax processes with SAP and Sabrix solutions. … Read More

Boo! Indiana Halloween Sales Tax

Boo! Indiana Halloween Sales Tax

Happy Halloween from the Indiana Department of Revenue. Just in time for Halloween the Department has issued a Letter of Finding regarding the taxability of custom costumes. An Indiana company that designs and produces custom mascots and costumes was found liable for Indiana sales tax on design and labor charges separately stated on its invoices … Read More

Streamlined Sales Tax Updates: Oklahoma and Vermont

Oklahoma and Vermont have both issued revisions to their taxability matrices updated October 14th and 11th respectively. The matrix for both states can be found on the Streamlined Sales Tax website. The changes are as follows: Oklahoma dental prostheses with a prescription and dental prosthesis without a prescription as exempt rather than taxable. Vermont direct … Read More